Our people and values

In EPROM we value the diversity of our people and thought, and we aim to treat everyone at EPROM with respect and dignity.

EPROM is continually enhancing its ways of promoting ethics and ethical behavior throughout all our projects.

For our employees to be motivated and for EPROM to thrive, our people need to be treated with respect and dignity, and without discrimination. We seek to treat all employees equally, irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability. Our goal is to create an environment of inclusion and acceptance.

EPROM high performance depends on a highly skilled, motivated and talented workforce that represents our excessively accurate selection process as well as our highly developed training plans. Thus we aim to attract the best people to improve our strengths and skills as well as develop the talents of our workforce.

EPROM businesses rely heavily on highly skilled people from different backgrounds and since our business is complex and diverse we need employees with a wide range of specialized skills, which we can build on and improve through providing a culture of continual professional development that meets the needs of our people and our business.

EPROM uses a range of internal communications channels to keep our employees informed about the context within which they work such as the company intranet and the company magazine.