EPROM History

Egyptian Projects Operation & Maintenance (EPROM) was established in 2002 as an Egyptian Incorporation Company with one Million USD of capital under the name MIDOM [Middle East for Operation & Maintenance of Oil Refineries].

MIDOM has undergone its first scope expansion after five successfully operative years to cover the whole of hydrocarbon industries rather than specialize solely in oil refining. It was thus named [Middle East for Operation & Maintenance of Hydrocarbon Industries] while retaining its established Trade name: MIDOM. For that scope expansion; capital was increased to 10 Million USD.

In 2009 when Company expertise and capabilities were vigorously enriched over the years and more challenging projects were possible, the company name was changed to Egyptian Projects Operation & Maintenance (EPROM) with an equivalent capital upgrade of 15 Million USD.


EPROM is a leading Egyptian Gas & Petroleum Cooperation company that particularly operates oil refineries, petrochemical plants, marine terminals and gas plants. Excelling at this EPROM is known to implement the latest management techniques and operation methodologies while delivering the best results that exceed clients’ expectations.

EPROM as an established Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation company has a huge potential to be awarded multiple O&M contracts for a number of prospective petroleum sector companies within Egypt, the Middle East and the African Continent.

Geared up with its huge resources, expertise and manpower EPROM ambition has no limits and the company has started to take prominent leaps in the professional high complex Gas and Petroleum Sector.